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Pine & Pepper

Premium Air Fryer Liners

Premium Air Fryer Liners

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Clean Your Air Fryer in Record Time!

Pine & Pepper Premium Air Fryer Liners are your new secret weapon against messy, sticky air fryer baskets. Imagine whipping up your favorite air-fried delights without the dreaded cleanup. No crumbs falling through the grate, no juices getting in all the crevices, and no time spent scrubbing when you should be savoring your crispy, delicious meals.

Let's dive into the details that make these liners a must-have in every air fryer enthusiast's kitchen!


Putting a clean air fryer liner in the air fryer tray


Say Goodbye to Messy Air Fryers!

These square parchment paper liners make cleanup as simple as lifting the liner out of the tray! Plus, keeping your air fryer clean means your investment in an air fryer lasts longer.

  • Easy Cleanup: Disposable liners for mess-free cooking.
  • Oil and Water Resistant: High-quality parchment paper prevents drippings.
  • Food-Grade, Non-Stick Paper: Safe and non-toxic for all your cooking needs.
  • Time-Saving: Cleanup is as simple as lifting the air fryer liner from the tray
  • Eco-Friendly: Air fryer parchment paper certified recyclable, compostable, unbleached, non-fluorescent agent, and non-toxic

It doesn't get much easier than this!


Lifting a used air fryer liner from air fryer basket


Air Fryer Liners Specifications


  • 7.9" SQUARE (20cm)
  • 1.8" DEEP (4.6cm)


  • 100 liners per pack


  • Food-grade, 100% unbleached parchment paper

Heat Resistant:

  • Designed to withstand temperatures up to 425°F (218°C)

CAUTION: Always place food on liners before use. Do not allow liners to come in contact with heating elements. Weigh down liners with food to keep liners from touching the heat source while the air fryer is in use, which is a fire hazard. If preheating the air fryer, preheat before placing the liner and food in the air fryer together.


Cathy Yoder, "The REAL Air Fryer Queen"

YouTuber Cathy Yoder's Pine & Pepper products are inspired by her experiences as "The REAL Air Fryer Queen" -- an everyday cook with hands-on experience using over two dozen air fryers in the last few years. From testing air fryers to feeding her family, Cathy has tried nearly every air fryer gadget there is.

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