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DIGITAL: 10 Air Fryer Protein Recipes

DIGITAL: 10 Air Fryer Protein Recipes

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10 Air Fryer Protein Recipes

"Air Fryer Protein Recipes" by Cathy Yoder is your go-to guide for protein-rich meals that are as nutritious as they are delicious.

This cookbook is perfect for those looking to up their protein intake without the hassle of lengthy prep times or complex ingredients. From energizing breakfasts like the Protein Breakfast Bowl and hearty Breakfast Burritos, to satisfying lunches and dinners including Buffalo Chicken Wraps and Honey Ginger Chicken, Cathy’s recipes make use of the air fryer’s ability to deliver juicy, flavorful meals with minimal effort.

Even dessert gets a protein boost with unique Cream Cheese Chimichangas, making sure you can indulge without straying from your nutrition goals. Ideal for busy individuals and families, this cookbook is your key to a healthier, protein-packed diet, all with the ease and convenience of your air fryer.

  • Protein Breakfast Egg Bites
  • Breakfast Burrito
  • Buffalo Chicken Wraps
  • Cheeseburger Crunchwrap
  • Cream Cheese Chimichangas

And much more!

Digital Recipe Booklet with Mouthwatering Air Fryer Eats!

Conveniently organized into a single printable PDF file, 10 Air Fryer Protein Recipes is full of easy-to-follow recipes with ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard. Each recipe is simple and accessible enough for anyone to make! 

If you want to cook more protein meals in your air fryer, Air Fryer Protein Recipes is the cook booklet for you! Once you master this versatile set of protein dishes, you'll be ready to experiment with protein recipes of your own. You’ll love how fast you can make healthy (and not so healthy) protein meals and also get a feel for what tricks work best for your air fryer, and the methods that are easiest for YOU to master.

Ready to be empowered? Let's go!


Cathy Yoder, "The REAL Air Fryer Queen" YouTuber Cathy Yoder's Pine & Pepper products are inspired by her experiences as "The REAL Air Fryer Queen" -- an everyday cook with hands-on experience using over two dozen air fryers in the last few years. From testing air fryers to feeding her family, Cathy has tried nearly every air fryer recipe and every air fryer gadget there is.
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