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DIGITAL: Air Fryer Cheat Sheet

DIGITAL: Air Fryer Cheat Sheet

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Air Fry Perfectly Every Time!

Brought to you by YouTuber Cathy Yoder, "The REAL Air Fryer Queen."

No more flipping through cookbooks or searching online to find the perfect cook time and temperature setting for your air fryer. With this digital version of Cathy's incredibly popular Air Fryer Cheat Sheet, you'll have safe internal temperatures for fresh and frozen foods at your fingertips. This comprehensive cheat sheet is the only thing you need to air fry food quickly and easily.

Magnetic Air Fryer Cheat Sheet on a Refrigerator

Say Goodbye to Under or Overcooked food in Your Air Fryer! This Handy Printable Air Fryer Cheat Sheet Helps You Cook 85+ Foods to Perfection

Our digital Air Fryer Cheat Sheet features cook times, temperature settings (C or F) and internal temperatures for a variety of the most popular and common foods, so you have all the information you need in one place. Spend less time looking and more time cooking!

This cheat sheet promotes efficient cooking, reduces food waste, and encourages home cooking over fast food, making it an ideal kitchen accessory for both novice and experienced cooks.

  • Audience Selected: Polling thousands of her audience members, Cathy's Air Fryer Cheat Sheet includes the fresh and frozen foods people cook most often.
  • Easy Reference: All-in-one air fryer guide with cooking times, temperatures, and food safety tips for fresh and frozen foods.
  • Easy to Read: Larger fonts and high-contrast print on a white background make this AIR FRYER CHEAT SHEET easy to read.
  • Customizable: Space to adjust and note settings for your air fryer model and your desired level of doneness.
  • Quick Access Guide: Fast reference for 50+ Fresh Foods and 30+ Frozen Foods to air fry the food you make most often.
  • Convenience: Clear instructions for perfect cooking results
  • Cost-Effective: Reduces food waste and encourages home cooking, saving money.

No More Guesswork. Find the settings you need, press the buttons, and relax knowing your food will be air fried perfectly every time.

Looking up a temperature on a air fryer chart


Cathy Yoder, "The REAL Air Fryer Queen"

YouTuber Cathy Yoder's Pine & Pepper products are inspired by her experiences as "The REAL Air Fryer Queen" -- an everyday cook with hands-on experience using over two dozen air fryers in the last few years. From testing air fryers to feeding her family, Cathy has tried nearly every air fryer gadget there is.

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